Friday, May 6, 2011

What is this Swagbucks thing???

Several people have asked recently so hopefully this will answer any questions you may have. Swagbucks is a site that pays you to use their search engine when you're looking for information by giving you points. You can redeem the points for tons of prizes, everything from gift cards to sweepstakes entries. I'm an Amazon junkie so I save my points for their gift cards, 450 points = $5!

You can earn points twice a day, it usually takes 2-3 searches before a window pops up and says "You've Won 8 Swagbucks" or however many you're won--it's randomly chosen. The good news is that every Friday is double points day, I had one Friday where a search won me 50 points! The points are automatically added to your total and you can redeem whenever you like. If you tell someone about Swagbucks and they sign up through your link, you will also earn any points they do so it can really add up quickly! So let's say you're winning an average of 15 pts/day six day a week, and 20 points on Friday, that adds up to 110 points a week just for searching for info, and if you spread the word you can earn even more! So please follow my link so you can get some awesome prizes too!

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