Friday, April 29, 2011

Working on the Weekend is a No-No

Everyone knows that a mom's job never ends, you're working 24/7  365 days a year. What's a girl to do when we never get a day off? I've now declared myself your boss and I'm instructing you to take the weekend off, every weekend in fact, so go let your family know. Did they panic? They'll get over it. Don't take me too literally, your kids still need to eat and your husband will still need help finding his socks/wallet/phone/keys/etc. but we can make a few changes to get the most relaxation and enjoyment out of our weekend.

Friday and Monday are my two big cleaning days. Friday I try to get the house as clean as possible before we destroy it on Saturday, and Monday is spent figuring out how we ended up with golf balls in our bath tub and keys in the bottom of the cereal box (literally). I do absolutely no cleaning, except for some dishes, on the weekend unless we are having guests over. Let it go, no one cares I promise you--least of all your other family members who would probably not even notice living in squalor everyday.  I also do very little cooking on the weekends, we prepare simple meals, order take out (Chinese lunch specials are usually a great price and are enough for 2 meals) or my husband will grill up some food for us. If you love to cook (or if your husband hates cooking), this could be a completely different decision for you. Maybe you hate yard work/gardening/house projects (I love them) and so you cut back there and work on those during the week while still cooking on the weekend. In that case, send the kids with their dad and put on some of your own music so it's a little more enjoyable than usual. Lastly, try to schedule a fun activity every weekend. This doesn't mean you have to make a big trip or spend a lot of money, just pick something that your family can enjoy together and you can look forward to all week.

Now get cleaning/cooking/planning today so you can sit on your butt tomorrow and enjoy the weekend as it was meant to be! You officially have my permission, and if your husband doesn't believe you don't worry he will forget all about it in a few minutes when he needs your help finding the remote.

PS-I should note that I have a wonderfully supportive husband who rarely asks where something is (he just waits for it to turn up at some point) and not only does he love cooking, he's much better at it than I am. It's usually the moms who feel they need to keep going on the weekends or it will all fall apart. Please give yourself permission to put your feet up and ignore the laundry-it's not going anywhere, it never does...

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