Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dollar Store Deals

Dollar Stores can be hit or miss, sometimes it's all junk and sometimes it's full of treasures. Here are some recent good buys I've found:

*Wrapping paper
*Gift bags
*Tissue paper
*Large planting pots
*Rechargable solar garden lights
*Cutting board mats
*Greeting cards 2/$1
*Balloons (the mylar ones that are safer for children)
*Rubber hair bands (packs of 500, the kind kids can't pull out)
*Sargento cheese

For the most part the kids toys are cheaply made and won't last over time, but are a good option when you just need a few distractions like on a road trip. My son loves puzzles, but my daughter is always stealing (and chewing up) his pieces, so I buy a bunch since we go through about a puzzle a week. Our dollar store has a good-sized cold food section, almost all of it is name brand food. Stock up and freeze some for later!

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