Thursday, April 14, 2011

Less Is More

A few months ago, I attacked our house with the vigor of a pregnant woman nesting (although I am not pregnant!) and started purging out our extra "stuff". Garbage bags full of clothes, books, baby items and kitchen gadgets I never used all got the marching orders to leave. When I was finally finished I looked around and felt great...for about five seconds. Then I realized how much MORE I still need to get rid of.

In most houses the 20/80 rule applies, you use 20% of your stuff 80% of the time. I always realize this when we go on vacation and are able live with a suitcase full of items. Do I really want that item I still use once a year, and feel that I "need", taking up space in our house and lives? Not really. We have plenty of garage storage for the holiday items that can be packed up and brought out at the right times, but we're low on inside storage space-so I've decided unless I use it at least once a month, it's out.

My plan is to first give away the items I know friends can use, then sell what I can on craigslist and hold a garage sale. Whatever remains will then be donated  to our church, the pregnancy crisis center or a family in need. In the past I have dropped car loads off at Goodwill, and while I do think it's a good organization, I don't like that they charge people $5 for a shirt. A ridiculous amount for someone who is in need, I would much rather give it away.

So I am issuing a "Take the Weight Off" challenge for all of my readers, not only will you feel fantastic after emptying your house and simplifying your life, you will likely help out many people with things you don't even "need".

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