Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Healthy Addiction

I will admit it, I'm addicted to magazines. They are like treasures in the mail amidst a stack of bills, and if I get a break during nap time I love to sit down with my coffee and a magazine. I had several subscriptions when I was working full-time, but that was no longer a big enough "need" once we moved to one income. My kids' clothes and education are much more important, so I had no problem redirecting that expense and living magazine-free. Then I learned about free or discount subscriptions and now I'm hooked. Following is a list of magazines I have ordered in the last 12 months and the prices I have paid, I don't sign up for anything with a commitment since I know I will probably forget to cancel a membership or contract.

Martha Stewart Living- free
Martha Stewart Whole Living- free
Newsweek (54 issues)- free
Watch- free
Real Simple- $2
Cooking Light- free (signed up but haven't received the first issue yet)
Saltwater Fishing- free
Tennis- free
More- free
Outside- free
Readers Digest- $1.99
Bass Master- free
Auto Week- free
Women's Health- free
Bridal Guide- free
Fitness- free
Elle Decor- free
Women's Day- $2.99
"O" (Oprah)- free with groupon credit
Entrepreneur- $1.99 for 3 years
Parents- $1
Family Circle- free
Field & Stream- free
Sport Fishing- free

Total paid, $9.97!  So where are these amazing deals? Good question, they're all over the place. I've found them in facebook posts, blog posts and emails. They've only required me to enter my name and address (occasionally an email address), and one had a survey that took about three minutes to complete. I've seen many more than this, but the others weren't of any interest to us. If you're interested, I'll be posting any magazine deals/freebies I find on my facebook page--they're usually only "live" for 24 hours or less, so if you see something you like hop on it!

Also, Amazon is running a promotion for the month of February--if you spend $20 in magazine subscriptions you will get $10 credit to use on their website for your next purchase. No need to enter any codes or coupons, they will email it to you automatically. It was a good enough incentive for me to buy a National Geographic subscription (my kids will love it too!) for $15. The promo works for multiple purchases, so I will wait and see what else goes on sale this month.

Obviously you shouldn't sign up for a magazine subscription if you aren't going to read it, and don't forget to pass them onto a friend, cut them up for art projects with your kids or recycle them.

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  1. Yay! And the add that is posted here is also for a magazine :-)