Monday, January 31, 2011

Wish You Could Pick Up Your Groceries Already In The Cart?

You can at Sam's Club! This tip came from a friend, and it has been a life-saver with little kids. My children are actually very well behaved in the grocery store (so much so that they are now schmoozing their way through Publix, working the charm to get bananas from the produce guy, string cheese from the deli girl, and a balloon at the checkout). But when we go to Sam's Club it can take a long time and it's a lot of walking for short legs to do, so I didn't exactly look forward to it.

Then I found out about "click n pull", the option to put your order in online and pick up your full cart at customer service, it's free for all members. Just go to Sam's Club's website, , and make a username and password with your membership card number. Then at the top you will see a link for "click n pull", just go there and start shopping. Once you're finished you need to choose a date/time to pick up your food, so they know when to have your order ready, but you will not pay until you pick up your order. Then you just need to go to customer service in the store and you will see some full carts with names on them next to the desk, the sheet with your name will also have a checklist of what you ordered. Find your name and double check that all of your items are in the cart. If you have anything cold or frozen you will need to tell the person at customer service and they will send someone to get it (they also collect those things ahead of time, but put a separate cart for you in the cooler/freezer until you arrive). If you have two carts you can consolidate your stuff. Then you give your list to customer service and pay right there, since they already have your total you don't have to check-out or scan anything. I've been in and out in five minutes!

I usually get some fresh food like fruits and veggies. In that case, what I do is order my dry goods and frozen items ahead of time, but choose my own fresh foods. It still saves us a lot of time and cuts our total shopping to 10-15 minutes.

This is a great time-saver anyone can take advantage of!

PS-I have no idea if other wholesale clubs have this option, if you know of any that do please share in the comments!

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