Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Multi-Dimensional Beauty

A dear friend of mine, Kate, followed her passion for Mary Kay products to become a representative for the company while staying home with her two beautiful daughters. She will be sponsoring our first giveaway with a $50 gift certificate for one lucky mama! In the meantime, she has shared her story for what this part-time job means to her and what she would like to do for all of my readers. (I especially like the free shipping for military families-but you will have to scroll down to read the rest!)

Why I love Mary Kay…The answer is simple - multi dimensional beauty.

To feel and be beautiful can have many meanings and dimensions to women, especially to moms!  Being beautiful to me is feeling great about myself inside and out, feeling good about what I do and how that affects others. 

I see beauty in the eyes of my two wonderful daughters. Every moment that I am with them, when they laugh, when they cry, fight or drive mama crazy their beauty shines through! I am a stay at home mom and that means the world to me - Mary Kay helps me do that.  My Mary Kay Business allows me to make my own goals by giving me the opportunity  to dream up my own achievements.  My goal right now is to continue to stay at home with the girls to watch their beauty grow while being able to contribute a small portion to our family income.  The beauty  of being in charge of your own goals is that you are in the driver’s seat and no goal is ever too small or too large to reach for! 

Another very important side to beauty is the one that is not seen by the eye, but one that lies deep beneath, the true soul of what makes us who we are, the side that makes us feel great about what we do not only for ourselves and immediate family but also what we do for those in need. Mary Kay Ash Charitable foundation is dedicated to ending women’s cancers and domestic abuse. In life and in spirit Mary Kay Ash showed others how to live and how to give. Her goal while alive was to help those women who lacked opportunity, self esteem and financial support. In the past year her foundation awarded over 3 million dollars in grants to domestic violence shelters, donated $500,000 to CancerInc to support research among many other philanthropic efforts. To find out more please go to . To be able to work for and promote a company which is helping women in need gives me the feeling of inner beauty and the knowledge that I chose the right place to devote my time and efforts to.

Lastly the third side of beauty is the one that lies on the outside. The one that begins with skin care and ends with a little foundation, a little mascara, a little lipstick and a lot of WOW!  Although I just started my Mary Kay Business I have been a fan of her products for over 6 years.  I love the Timewise skin care line, it keeps my complexion clean, free of blemishes while keeping my skin hydrated.  I can’t say enough about the microdermabrasion set which I don’t like to go without, it instantly fights fine lines, refines pores and makes your skin so smooth! Mary Kay is currently rolling out a new foundation line: matte and luminous foundations with over sixty shades to choose from.  I must say – normally I am not a fan of foundation but after testing these this past week I have to say I have fallen in love. The new line is truly flawless and with so many shades you are sure to find that perfect one for you!   Lastly don’t forget that special man in your life Mary Kay has a wonderful line for men – Mkmen, this is a full skin care and fragrance line dedicated to taking care of that special guy in your life! Valentine’s Day is around the corner, don’t you want to treat yourself and your loved ones?

I would love to introduce you to many, many more Mary Kay products and I hope that you give me a chance to do that. I am very sure that upon trying, you too would fall in love with the multi dimensional beauty Mary Kay can offer.

Below I have listed some deals and steals that I would like to offer to you:

1.   All customers who purchase before February 14th get a free gift with purchase (trial Satin Hands gift set)

2.   Referral bonus of 15% off your next total order for every new purchasing customer brought in. Total purchase of for your referral is $40.

3.   Free shipping to military members and their families – my family and I would personally like to thank you for all of the sacrifices you make each and every day.

In addition to the above deals I would love to offer you some FREE PRODUCT hostess party gifts. Here is how;

New!! Be the first ever!!! Want a party but not have to organize your home!! Do one online!! Receive your  product discount (10-20% of total party sales revenue of free product of your choice) Do it all in the comfort of your computer!!  To find out more please contact me!

Kate Trifiletti


  1. Another awesome post! Beautifully written, Kate :-) Hope I'm the lucky winner!

  2. Thanks Vivien! I cant wait to see who wins. By the way i was just told that my initial order is to be turned in by Wednesday January 26th, so if any of you would like something please let me know soon.