Sunday, February 13, 2011

Follow-Up to "Put 'Em to Work" Post (Our New Eureka Optima)

Last week our vacuum cleaner died and my handy husband could not revive it, so off to Lowe's we went today to get a new one. While Chris and I were debating the merits of Bissel versus Eureka, Cole had discovered a smaller-sized vacuum (a Eureka Optima) and was busy cleaning the isle, which we thought was very cute. Then it occurred to us, why not get the smaller vacuum? It's shorter and half the weight of a full-sized vacuum, has an extension handle, will take up less space in the closet and for half the price! The kids were very excited (as you can see in the pictures below), and I was happy with how much easier it was to use on the stairs. I was expecting the suction to not be as good, but it was actually better than our previous vacuum, which was on it's last leg but still doing a decent job. Two happy kids who like vacuuming, and one happy mama!

*A side note, if your husband ever offers to hire a cleaning service, take him up on it! My husband made the suggestion after we had our second baby, moved to another state and bought a house all in one week. I didn't do it, but I should have-don't make my mistake, admit you need help and accept it graciously.


  1. These posts inspired me to get Nick helping more...yesterday we did some "swiffering" together - haven't decided on today's group "chore" yet:) (I made a short Swiffer for him to use by removing one or two of the handle pieces - it's the perfect length for him that way, and most of the kids who've been here love it!)