Thursday, January 27, 2011

Money For College or Student Loans

Upromise is a company that gives you FREE MONEY to use towards your own college education, your child's college education or even your outstanding students loans. It's free to sign up, and you can do as little or as much as you're able to add money to your account. I spent about 20 minutes on it two years ago and that's all. I hadn't checked my balance in over a year, and when I logged in today I was excited to see that we are up to $311.46, not bad!

Here are the ways you can earn money:

1. Go through Upromise when making an online purchase. Just go to the website,, search on the store you plan to shop from and click on it. That's all. So here's an example: Let's say I just saw the big sale Jos. A. Bank is having right now and I wanted to buy something. I would go to the upromise website, type in "Jos A Bank" in the search box, and then click on the link to Jos. A. Bank's website. You will see that this store gives you 8% back, meaning that 8% of your total will go into your Upromise account--and you get the same prices you would if you didn't go through Upromise. Takes literally 30 seconds, I just wish I remembered to do it more often. Some stores give a higher percentage and some lower, and some stores aren't even signed up but it doesn't hurt to check.

2.  Register your frequent shopping cards. Get out your wallet and enter the numbers from your grocery store and drug store frequent shopping cards. Each time you swipe your card in the store, participating products will add money to your account balance. Some participating brands are Charmin, Elmers, and Bic but there are thousands. Sometimes you will see the little Upromise logo next to participating items in the store, but most of the time you won't. I don't even think about it when I go shopping, I just naturally buy some items anyway and it adds up without me realizing it. You can also add cards for any friends or family members--their purchases will count towards your account! If you shop somewhere that doesn't require a frequent shopping card in order to get the sale prices (like Publix in the southeast), ask if they have a card just for this purpose. Publix does, and even though it won't lower my grocery bill it does connect to my Upromise account, just ask at the customer service desk.

3. Dining out. Participating restaurants will give you up to 8% back for dining with them. You do have to register whichever credit card you use to pay for your meal (if you use a credit card) so that it can give you credit for your purchases.

4. Get their credit card. We got our Mastercard through Upromise two years ago and have no complaints thus far. You get 1% back on all purchases made with your card, 2% on gas anytime you go to Exxon or Mobile (which can really add up) and an additional 10% on participating grocery and drug store purchases. Since we never carry a balance on our card, I have no idea what the rate is, and obviously if credit cards will only rack up debt for you then you shouldn't do it.

5. Travel. If you book your flight or hotel through Upromise you will get 1-2% back, depending on which company you use (Expedia, hotwire, etc.) Just go to their homepage and click on travel, you will see them all listed on that page along with the current travel deals offered by individual airlines and hotels.

Like I said, the more involved you get the more money you will earn. One other thing to note, it takes about a month for your rewards to register, so money that you accrue in January will not show up until February, but it is there. What an easy way to save for your child's education or pay off those student loans!


  1. I just signed up! You're the best, Joey!!!

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