Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Garden Pics

Here are some pics I promised of our "winter garden" and odds and ends from our gardening ventures. Had I known it was going to be such a mild winter here, I would have planted much more!

Our lime tree, planted 2 years ago when it was only about 6 inches tall. Our mistake was not putting it straight into a large planter like this right away, it will grow much faster that way.

Some lemons growing on our lemon tree...

Carrots and onions in one of our beds.

Sage and parsley.

The mini-greenhouse we built using 2 sets of shelves and some clear plastic. It will hold about 300 6" pots.

Before winter planting, the yellowish plants in the front are not dead-they're asparagus.

Not that you can see them through the rain, but we planted 37 fruit trees in our front yard: apple, pear, plum, peach, cherry and nectarine.

Our fruit trees before the storm.

We take the kids blueberry picking every year and get enough to freeze and last all winter. Last summer we panted 14 blueberry bushes along our back porch, they are still small and I don't have any pictures.

 Our garden last summer, our kids were known for helping themselves to the produce-they would even pick lettuce and eat it with almost the same gusto as the strawberries. Almost.

Our beehive.

Our chickens that we received as newborn chicks, we currently have 5 hens and 2 roosters (one will be going soon).

That's it, we're expanding our operations this year and will hopefully have some better shots to post in the fall!

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  1. My hubby would be so jealous, as am I. We would love to have chickens as we really enjoy the tasste of good eggs, but alas we have bylaws in the neighborhood. Our kids eat lettuce straight from the garden too, and they pick fruit straight from the trees and chow down, even on HARD pears!!