Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Online Shopping

Whew it's been a while, did you miss me? Why is it that all emergencies must happen at the same time and one right after another? Hopefully we are back to "normal" now...

Anyway, this will be a short one about online shopping. If you follow my blog, you are likely as addicted to online shopping as I am. There are some great daily deals websites (refer to my earlier post) and plenty of coupon codes and credits floating around to keep you busy and addicted. My favorite part of online shopping is having your purchases shipped to your door. Not only does this save me time, gas and the hassle of shopping with two toddlers, but I love looking forward to a package coming in the mail!

My belief is this: if I can find it online for the same price as the store (or less) AND we need it or will buying it anyway, then I get it online. Why drag the kids to the store if I don't need to? That means I've ordered things like toiletries, plants and even cereal online, weird I know. But it also means I try not to be swayed by the great deals for things I'll never use.

QUICK TIP: If you are about to place an order online, take a peek at and check to see if there are any coupon codes out. I can't tell you how many times I've saved an extra $10 or got free shipping just because I took the extra 30 seconds to look. And of course don't forget to go through to get money back for college savings!

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