Thursday, March 10, 2011


As you know, at roughly $3-$4 a piece, buying a few birthday/wedding/baby shower/thank you/congratulations/etc. cards can add up quickly. For several years now I've been buying the large file boxes already full of cards for most occasions, and I love it! Not only does it save a lot of money over time (they usually come out to about $0.50/card), but it saves me so much time looking through cards in the store, which children tend not to be patient during-not to mention the trip out to go get the card.

My stash of cards was getting low, so I was pretty happy to find this cute box at Sam's Club. It was $15 for 30 cards, and I wasn't sure what to expect. Every single card looks as though it's handmade with unique detailing, so adorable! I will be getting another box for sure if they are still in stock the next time we go.

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